We are all outside of the main flock from time to time, a bit like a black sheep. For some of us the black sheep feeling, a sense of not being like everybody else, is there all of the time. The very things that set us apart and make us individual can leave you feeling like an outsider, the one who doesn’t fit in. That can be a desolate and lonely experience.

Our unique aspects, traits, attitudes and thoughts are not always welcome and can be disavowed becoming orphaned unloved little black sheep. As a psychotherapist, a facilitator, and a trainer I value all of our complexity and fragility, all of the things that make us unique.

I know black sheep, I am one too.

Anne Murphy

“If you’ve ever had that feeling of loneliness, of being an outsider, it never quite leaves you. You can be happy or successful or whatever, but that thing still stays within you.” ― Tim Burton