An Unusual Guide to Therapy for Extraordinary People

A helpful handbook about therapy and finding a therapist

A helpful handbook about therapy and finding a therapist

This resource came of my dissertation for the Masters in Processwork. I created a guide to therapy based on real client experiences, the result of a qualitative research project with an educational product presented in a creative style.

I want to extend a warm invitation to anyone who has not consulted a psychotherapist counselor or psychologist to try this type of therapy – talk therapy. We have a limited suite of options for maintaining mental health and within those few options we don’t really know what works or why, but sometimes something does work. I favour therapy over other options, given how much, or how little, is understood about what works. What I do know that once diagnosed with a mental condition we, friends family and society, are often intent on healing that condition and we venture into the unknown.

There is often stigma often associated with going to see a therapist, it is hard to know where to start when looking for one. This little booklet provides tangible, useful advice about therapy and what to look for in a therapist. It is based on research and the experiences of peers, I open the door and peek in…

There is a gaping hole in discussions about therapy and therapeutic experiences, almost invariably the audience to whom any publication is directed is therapists. This is a hole I am starting to fill by providing a resource for clients, and potential clients, of therapy based on real client experiences.

I have illustrated both positive and negative therapy experiences in order to inform clients’ expectations of therapy, and provide advice on how you should feel about a therapist. I hope this serves as a kind of preventative awareness for what can be a lopsided relationship, with an inherent power imbalance, between a client and a therapist. After reading this booklet clients may feel emboldened to seek the right sort of therapist for their needs.

This illustrated booklet is $20 US including postage to anywhere in the world.

If ordering within Australia contact me via email, local price is $15 AU per booklet or $25 AU for two to the same address.