The lamb in wolves clothingIt’s a year since my first post, more or less anyway. Happy blog-a-versary to me .

To mark the occasion the picture is my favourite it’s the big picture of the blog banner.

I hope you’ve probably read some of the other posts. This blog is about loss trauma and grief particularly in relation to depression and suicide, all topics not discussed often enough. Things we don’t talk about and I believe we need to talk about more.

I have ideas, I have opinions – strong ones as it turns out. I discover myself as I write. It is interesting to encounter oneself in a blog, and your own history; just as you wrote it, but sometimes hadn’t quite noticed.

Good or bad, right or wrong, normal or abnormal. I have a particular interest about how I judge and label. I’m trying to judge less, and I’m learning how to approach the world differently. My blog is helping me to see people, conditions, and issues not as good or bad, nor right or wrong, no normal and no abnormal, less at least. A different me in the world.

I spent my whole life being scared, scared of not being ready, not being right, not being who I should be.” Peter Krause as Nate Fisher, Jr. in Six Feet Under