One of the surprising and inevitable things that happened after Mottsu died were calls and mail for him. Inevitable because many people and companies could not know he is dead, and surprising because each attempted contact with the dead was a jolting reminder of my loss. I sort of expected these unexpected contacts initially but it was the ones I received in the years after his death that unsettled me.

Apparently the world will try to contact every man and every dog after they die.

Wally dogWally, Mottsu’s dog died February 6 2008. I dreamt of Wally last week, in the dream I had gone to stay a house in the country. A holiday. I suddenly remembered that I had left Wally at home alone, I had forgotten him. Alarmed I started running down the local roads to find him. I woke up weeping and distressed.

Two days later it surreal to receive and email headed ‘Wally Misses You’. I was startled, I certainly miss Wally and I was stunned to think he missed me, afterall he is buried in the garden. The message came from DogBook, an application hosted by Facebook. The email read:

from Dogbook
reply-to Facebook
to Anne
date 22 April 2011 14:26
subject Wally misses you!

Hi Anne,
We miss you and Wally here at Dogbook. We miss your photos. We miss your updates. We miss you and your friends miss you. All 3.5 million of them. We’ve added new features, fixed some glitches and tried to make it as special as your Dog deserves it to be. Your Dog deserves a life, Dogbook is where you can show it best.

We can’t wait to get you back.

The Dogbook Team

The email tells me my “ deserves a life”, that’s wrong Dogbook, what my dog deserves is to rest in peace.

It isn’t possible to be prepared for these unexpected messages, I am mentioning them anyway.