I get quotation overdose, I love a good quote but I also get sick of what becomes a deluge of words intended to inspire. Too many quotes are posted printed and repeated.

Quotations narrow our focus to a particular thought or premise, maybe it is my fuzzy focus that fails to appreciate most quotes, whatever it is most are lost on me. I hope I am not just being prickly.

I was strolling down Smith St a month ago when I saw a building with a quote that stayed with me. A building with a quote is odd, there is no other name on the outside but apparently it is Aesop headquarters. Clever Aesop with a quote that resonated. I went back this week to photograph it with my phone and here it is published:

“As far as we can discern the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being” C. G. Jung

That’s it, I just wanted to share that thought.