It is not funny how readily someone and their thoughts can be dismissed, or given less credibility because it is all in their head. That throw away statement is used by way of explanation as to why someone is wrong or not to be trusted. I overhead a couple talking on the tram and they agreed “…it was all in her head.” The she they talked about, the one with stuff in her head, was wrong or delusional or something. I felt sorry that she was not believed

What was in her head? Anxieties, fears, body symptoms, dreams, wishes or other inescapable thoughts?  The noisy stream of consciousness that is in my head is more real than than real, truer than any sensory grounded input from the external world.  It is all in my head, everything is in my head, and whatever is in my head goes everywhere with me. Of course it is in my head where else would anything be?

My deeply held beliefs and values are all in my head. My family history is all in my head, no-one else carries the same version of events that I do. Even my intuitive gut reactions are really all in my head. The world I live in is all in my head, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.

Oz was all in Dorothy’s head. I offer that as proof of the veracity of what was in her head. A straw man can have a brain, a lion courage, a person with an impermeable tin exterior can have a heart and a lost girl and her dog can find their way home.

Oz is all in my head too, lots of things are, right where they ought to be.