lwsf postcard front (2)Psst, I want to share a secret – For the last 18 months my friend Liz and I have been facilitating a regular group for people who live with suicidal feelings. The group is not really a secret, we are a low key sort of group and we try to keep attendance numbers small.

We hold a space for people who live with suicidal feelings to talk about and explore those feelings. We’re a small group and this is special space. Our emphasis is on living, while acknowledging and exploring darker thoughts and emotions that many live with.

This is such meaningful work for me I hold a lot of gratitude for the conversations we share, sometimes with hushed voices and always with honesty. We share and connect. We laugh too – sometimes at the world and sometimes about ourselves. I don’t have words to truly capture the nature of our conversations and the connections that develop over time. I can say we’re a community of care and I feel privileged/lucky/blessed/happy to be a part this group.

See news of meetings here on our FaceBook page