I wrote about The Burden of One’s Own Story back in January. Being heavy hearted and unable to be your whole self at work was on my mind, I was (and mostly still am) perplexed about how to integrate my life (outside of work) experiences with my work-life.

Orphan experiences are not welcome at workI am not sure why it is that I feel unable to bring my whole self to work. There are experiences that I suspect are not welcome in the office, orphans. My workplace identity is only part of me, the regular, normal, routine, most dull parts of me to work, it’s all that work can cope with. Where I work is probably much like other workplaces. Employees are acquaintances of their employer rather than friends.

Not that I want to be particularly over-friendly or outrageous, and I’d like to bit more whole and complex, rounder and full.

Of course, it could be me who is prickly and not ready to share more at work, that would be another explanation. I am unhappy, but sometimes not all that unhappy with maintaining some distance between my work-life and the rest of my being.

I don’t know what goes on and I do believe climate change is needed and some warming of workplaces. Warmer, more welcoming, more accepting. In small ways I am becoming a climate change activist, a covert sort of activist creating little interventions. The trick being not to overheat anything.

I also work on ensuring my own internal micro-climate is tropical, innerwork.