Worldwork 2017 Athens



I worked as a member of the facilitation team at Worldwork. Deep Democracy in a World of Divides: Shifting Consciousness in Politics, Economics, Ecology and Relationships
April 23 – 28, 2017
Porto Heli, Argolida, Peloponese, Greece

Worldwork is an experiential training seminar in conflict work, facilitation and community building. It presents methods for facilitating groups at every level of interaction. The seminar provides an opportunity for 500 people from around the world to come together in a powerful forum for focusing on and working with social, environmental, and political issues.
By bringing awareness to the many parts and dimensions of experiences in any conflict, opportunities emerge to transform communities locally and globally. The orientation is at once personal, political, and spiritual.
Worldwork contributes exciting new perspectives in large and small scale conflict resolution work, diversity training and multi-cultural communication, vision and strategy building, organizational change facilitation, teambuilding, and leadership coaching.

A community conversation for Transgender Day of Remembrance


Saturday afternoon 19 November 1pm – 4pm 2016

Conference Room at Drummond St Services

Marie August and Anne Murphy hosted a conversation with trans and gender diverse  people and allies  on the eve of Transgender Remembrance Day. 

In hosting this space we were particularly interested in the emerging conversations in the community. The focus of the dialogue together was determined by the group. We heard stories of resilience, struggle and celebration.  

β€œThe most fundamental forum is your own heart. Both as a facilitator and as a human being, you must learn to hear yourself there.”
Arnold Mindell, Sitting in the Fire



What about me? A diversity training that starts with you

A workshop that is all about you.

The more certain you are in your self-knowledge the more grounded you can be and the more huffing and puffing you can withstand without being knocked off balance. This work is intended to land and position you ready for whatever might come your way.  Balanced. We’ll use creative and self-reflective processes, to closely look at the familial, social, dreaming and historical influences that shape us.

  • explore our parts and patterns, starting with earliest childhood memories
  • include space for our dreaming which is where we come from and who we are
  • take a particular interest in thoughts and feelings that emerge about being and becoming in order to befriend our deepest selves 
  • participate in creative exercises to seek coherence in your story and resonance with your path traveled thus far  
  • identify potential you can bring to your future. start to integrate many experiences – social, familial, business and academic – that form a coherent whole

This is a space to pause and gather yourself, and make time for your inwardness, that part of yourself that supports your dreaming being and knows your truth.  We will draw on ideas sourced in Processwork, a framework that seeks to encounter the unknown and the irrational side of life and appreciates dreams, body symptoms, and disturbances of any sort, as expressions of the very thing we need for our further growth, happiness, and well-being.  The work is intended to support you to feel strong and happy in your life.

This is the first in a series of three standalone workshops that make up an authentic and comprehensive diversity training. Inclusion starts with you, your self knowledge provides psychological safety as you encounter difference, diversity and potential conflict in the world.

This event runs across a day and a half, a Friday night and Saturday. 

When, Where, Who, and How Much

Melbourne: Friday 6 October 6 – 9pm and Saturday 7 October 9am – 4:30pm


Adelaide: Friday 13 October 6 – 9pm and Saturday October 14  9am – 4:30pm


Price per place $200, including GST

Please contact one of us to register

Lynn Lobo

Awareness Facilitator



Anne Murphy

Group Facilitator