I facilitate Processwork therapy sessions with individuals, couples, and groups.

Processwork seeks to encounter the unknown and the irrational side of life and appreciates dreams, body symptoms, and disturbances of any sort, as expressions of the very thing we need for our further growth, happiness, and well-being. Knowing yourself really well and deeply, is the best power you can have.

As a Processworker I have a non-pathological approach to holding intense emotions including grief, anguish, and despair, or living with bruised feelings, even suicidal thoughts. I particularly welcome our black sheep natures, those parts and experiences which are sometimes orphaned as we find them uncomfortable or unwelcome and our friends and family may also struggle with us to engage around them.

I can’t help but be an advocate for mental health diversity: valuing the curious, unconventional, complex, and exceptional as I do.


When working I take a trauma informed approach and step lightly along a path of heart. You will:
– discover ways to befriend your deepest being and self
– find purpose in your challenges, the troubles and the things that disturb you
– make sense of your story and the path traveled
– navigate uncertainty, even through crisis
Personal power can be developed, much of it is innate, and we can build it like any physiological muscle. Cultivating personal power allows you to inhabit your black sheep persona unique, quirky and not like anybody else.

My office is in Windsor Prahran 3181

“Perhaps the most indispensable thing we can do as  human beings, every day of our lives, is remind ourselves and others  of our complexity, fragility, finiteness, and uniqueness.” 
Antonio R. Damasio – Descartes Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain