Shortbread McMonkey McBeanShortbread McMonkey McBean

20/07/1999 – 11/11/2011

My dear little dog died.

You might know the song To Love Somebody, the chorus is: “You don’t know what its like to love somebody the way I love you…” Everbody, every man, every woman and every dog has sung it. Janis Joplin’s version captures the feeling of the words, it is on Youtube, but I digress…

I have found that song running through my head when in the company of Shortie, out on our walks to the local park or some evenings just listening to her snore. There is a bond you build with your dog, and it is hard for anyone else to know what it’s like.

Shortbread actually did know what its like to love somebody, we both did. Today she took another little piece of my heart when she left. She was a very special part of my life.