I had coffee with a friend this morning and we talked for a long time.

After a month of studying together and sharing our thoughts and dreams we are both preparing to go home, back to our different homes in different cities, it is a big transition. We know our connection will remain until our next semester together but there will be no shared conversations over coffee, until next year.

As we talked about returning home, back to our regular lives, we mentioned moods and depression. Sometimes when dark moods are around she said that she “doesn’t buy into it”. I was very touched by her ability to somehow not always slip into that dark place that comes around and around.

I was reminded of a blog entry another friend sent me. The author is Jenny Lawson, a fabulous and funny writer who also knows depression.

I have linked to Jenny’s post with her permission, a post that she says is not about depression:

“It’s about laughing in spite of the rain.

It’s about laughing because of the rain.”

Depression is mysterious and dark, it can’t be willed away and I love the thought that sometimes, and maybe that’s a rare occasion, but sometimes you might not buy into it.

If you, or someone you know, needs emotional support call Lifeline on 13 11 14 in Australia. Crisis counselling is available around the world.