“Which do you think is the best hot cross bun?” I ask

“The one I am eating” said Bobalong

“That sounds simple enough, why then are there so many articles being published about finding the best hot cross buns?”

“Beeffs me” he says “the queff for the beff”

“Sorry, what was that?” I say leaning in a little.

Bobalong chews, conspicuously swallows, and brushes his chin, inadvertently transferring crumbs from his paws to his briskers. He clears his throat and repeats himself, “The quest for the best.”

“Ah yes” I agree, “we’re obsessed.”

We stare at the plate in front of us and I rephrase my question, “So what do you think makes one hot cross bun better than another?”

“The company you eat it with” he says.