Goldilocks found something just right on her third attempts, the porridge, the chair, the bed. For Goldilocks, and in general, it’s good practice to try, try again and not give up.

Plunging into counsellingMy first two experiences with counselling were setbacks that served to make me more determined to find a counsellor I could work with. Perseverance paid off, and thanks to the recommendation of a friend of a friend, I went to see Hardt. A psychologist.

Her dark office offered refuge, and I sheltered there, weathering the storm of emotion the tide of tears. Talking and listening, being allowed to be normal, whatever shade of normal I chose to wear on any particular day.

Counselling allowed me rebuild a relationship with Mottsu and with myself.

I don’t know how often I saw Hardt, many, many, times until things felt sort of wrapped up and settled. Well not done exactly, but the sessions stopped when I felt we had travelled as far as there was to go together, a natural close.

Hardt was fabulous, counsellor-like, and supportive, she helped me to normalise my grief experiences. There was more for me to do, more to discover, more therapy to come. I had yet to encounter ProcessWork and the processwork community.

I was third time lucky, whole but still incomplete. The fourth time around was discovering process oriented psychology , a framework for finding and aligning to your deepest nature. Process work is described as an awareness practice and it did expand my awareness in many ways and particularly about myself. Personal development, I guess.

While I highly recommend counselling I doubly, quadrupley, recommend Process Work counsellors and practitioners to locate solutions for psychological challenges, for understanding your deepest nature, and helping you to appreciate yourself as you are, and for just who you are.