I am a trainer, I also call myself a learning facilitator. I am not a lecturing, bullet point, this-is-how-it-is type trainer. That’s where my facilitation skills come in, working to follow the interest of a group and appealing to different learning styles to include all preferences.

I am also a lifelong learner. As a learner I have most affinity with experiential styles of training or facilitation, it’s my preference as the facilitator too.

I suspect all trainers are learners at heart, that is certainly true of me.

When I am engaged as a facilitator or if you come to one of my workshops you can expect:
– a commitment to your learning
– for you, your style and your questions to be welcomed
– me to check-in around your expectations and align our learning goals
– to discover why the topic is important and what’s-in-it-for-you
– to be engaged in the learning content, the theories and thinking
– to be listened to as well as being asked to listen
– to hear stories and examples drawn from real-life
– opportunities to participate in meaningful learning activities
– room for differences of style opinion approach and perspective to be heard and explored