Chester Bennington, who was the lead singer of Linkin Park, ended his life last week. His loss was unexpected and very sad.  

The reporting of Bennington’s death has been a bit surprising to me. Many have detailed the method by which he died, I believe that’s unnecessary. No-one is served by that information, we don’t need to know and I don’t want to. A typical report here. Just when I dared to think that our reporting standards had improved I am proved wrong. 

Most publications have also picked over his background, his friendships, his work and songs looking for hints and explanations. Some actions are inexplicable and in many (most?) cases we can’t know for certain what it is that leads someone to end their life. Reasons don’t ameliorate the tragedy of the loss and a person’s thinking dies with them.  I also can not imagine any simple – this so then this – linear or logical thinking. There could almost only be complex, complicated, emotional thinking.

We struggle to understand, some deaths make no sense. There is no rational explanation, no simple explanation. 

A tribute site for Chester Bennington has been setup by Linkin Park band members.