Photo Reuters: David Gray

Stephen Wooldridge died today. He a husband, father and an Olympic medal winning cyclist. He was 39 years old.

There are many reports of his death in the Australian online news outlets. None mentions a cause of death, leaving to us guess. Sadly it is easy to guess as to what might be an unspeakable cause of death. It is easy to guess wrong as well, and I don’t know. I am saddened to think a shroud of silence can surround those who perhaps most needed to talk, to be spoken with and of…

The give away is this post of telephone numbers included on the ABC news site‘s reporting.

It an unnecessarily mixed message, in part to not talk of the circumstances and another part that asks us to call out for help, providing 6 telephone numbers to select from. Shhh and speak out. I speak as an advocate for people living with suicidal feelings and struggling to stay alive. I know the situation is different for the family of someone who has died, I have been in that position too. Our losses can be spoken of with respect, I believe that is a way to lessen the stigma around dying by suicide.