It’s hard when a friend asks for support. That situation has brought me to my knees numbed with panic, crippled with the responsibility of being able to help. That’s not the way to help a friend in crisis. There are much more constructive actions to take:

Try something
hold their hand knowing that unslumpling yourself is not easily done
hold their hand knowing that less than half of us feel comfortable in the company of a depressed person
– by trying to understand you help

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do is live. You can extend help to a colleague. You can extend help to a friend:

– Ask, check-in
– Listen closely
– Believe and accept what you hear
– Look after yourself
– Seek help together
– Be a friend

Doing something is more difficult than the steps suggest and it is important to try something. Just being there for a friend in crisis is a gift, a fabulous gift for the world.