The winning entries from the Black Dog Institute’s 2012 writing competition about tips for carers.

There are valuable tips for carers about self care and support. It might sound like a silly question but perhaps it is one we should ask more often – who cares for the carers?

I believe caring needs to start with oneself so as to have the time and energy to support someone else. The role of a carer is often considered selfless. Carers might be even more effective if they can find a little selfishness and look after themselves.

As I talked about in the previous post I didn’t win the writing competition talking about my own experience as a carer. My entry was not about overcoming, it was about trying to keep yourself dry when supporting someone enveloped in a grey drizzle and you are trying to keep them warm. My story is also about being able to forgive yourself when someone you care deeply for chooses suicide. Forgive them and yourself, that takes caring.